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Last door! Santa Blebs is coming! Since we are celebrating Christmas and opening presents etc. on Christmas Eve where we live, the last door is a big big bag of presents for my Bli, brought, obviously, by Santa Blebs. :D

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Okay, I made a blebs, I moved the days around and suddenly didn't have anything for today but I had an idea, so, here you go, a word search with the names of all our stuffed Blebses (currently, this number will grow considerably tomorrow :D).

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We are nearing the end of our awesome advent calendar. Today we will have another blebs to color, this time an adorable baby blebs. :)

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Aaand another jigsaw puzzle! But this is the last one. It's VERY HARD! :D

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Blebs crossword number 2, this time cute stuff about blebses, mostly invented words, so I don't know how solvable it is for everyone else. :P

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Today we'll have an easy one: Find the Blebs!

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And back to the regular scheduled entry. Today we connect the Blebs dots. Or play Blebs connect the dots, whichever. :D

One thing, after 16, it seems to jump to 32, that is because I counted all the little dot spaces in between but there was no space to write the numbers, so, just connect the dots in a way that seems good for you. :-D
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Another jigsaw puzzle because I really love them. This one's even harder (yes, they are getting increasingly harder, but no worries, we are nearing the end).

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There are 11 differences in the two pictures. Let's find them all! (Well, I hope there are 11, honestly, it's frakking hard to count them and I lost track after I made the first three, so... :P).

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Today everyone gets some cute blebs icons, free for use, and also there’s a bonus picture of us. Look who just moved in! :D

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Second blebsie jigsaw today, a little harder. :D Yes, these will get increasingly harder, I love really challenging jigsaws.

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Okay, so this literally took me hours to make, and yes, I made it from scratch. I didn’t expect it to be so complicated, but it is HUGE! I didn’t try solving it, so I actually have no idea if it’s even possible, so kudos to you if you take a crack at it.

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Let’s play a crossword. Science facts about blebses! Blebses scientifically! All of these are according to wikipedia (well, actually, one is not, but I’m sure googling will help) and I would highly recommend cheating off of that, this puzzle might be tiny but I think it’s pretty challenging. But if you know all the answers without that, kudos to you. :D

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Yesterday we reunited Snowy Blebs with their family and today it turns out there are more missing blebses. Poor babies. :( Connect all the baby blebses with their respective families.

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Snowy Blebs got lost! :( Poor baby. Help them get back to their family.

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Jigsaw puzzle time!! Since I love jigsaw puzzles, this won't be the last and yeah, it's a bit difficult. The pieces are rotating. But hey, it's supposed to be a challenge. I think. :D


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