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My entry for Land of Art challenge 5. The objective was to make art for our favourite show, which would be Farscape in my case, but the fact that I've already made so much art for that and that I'm obsessed with H.G. Wells from Warehouse 13 at the moment cumulated in me combining that obsession with this challenge.

Meaning, I wanted to gif every single scene with Helena in it. Or at least all the important bits. And her being generally gorgeous and adorable. So instead of the required 10 gifs for this challenge, I made 71. Hope nobody minds. ;)

Oh, and there are spoilers up to the last episode of Warehouse 13, so be warned!

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My entry for the Before and After challenge on TVRealm.

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I joined yet another landcomm in it's last phase - YAY me - not... LOL

This is my first entry for TVRealm. The challenge was to complete the prompts in two rows of the Bingo chart.

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Okay, so this is essentially just a compilation of gifs for every episode of Farscape (two for PKW). Not necessarily my favourite moments, just me looking at the episodes saying ‘oh, yeah, this moment is gifable’ in various states of sleep deprivation :D.
So just some adorable moments, that underline how Farscape is the best show ever (or maybe just tell you what things I find adorable when I'm being sleep deprived).

Oh, and if you wanna snurch any of these you're welcome to do so ;).

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I’m SO glad to finally have finished this!! I’m really not much of a writer so I’m quite proud that I actually wrote over 2600 words for this challenge! And some of it is even very nearly smut! *shocked* I feel like there’s hope for my Big Bang yet!

My prompt for this challenge was, surprise, surprise ;), John and Aeryn kissing (is it just me, or is this becoming a theme LOL). I chose various situations as the three linked things and the kisses in these moments as the 3 that are linked to those - actually, because I'm lazy and can't decide on these things, I let others choose them, so thanks go out to MG, Vdog, Marie and dizzy for helping me decide!
I really hope situations count as 'things'.

Also I love me some structure (without structure I couldn’t write at all), so there’s a pretty strict structure to the drabbles, which is:
First one: John’s POV
Second one: Aeryn’s POV
Third one: changing POV’s, first Aeryn then John

Oh and if you hang on till the end you'll get a little extra treat!

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Okay, the challenge was to make something creative for your favourite things in Stargate - and as everyone who knows me knows, what I love most of all are KIDS. Especially when they interact with McKay :D! So here are 25 gifs of kids in Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 and 1 extra gif for an adult reaction shot (I also love Ronon / Keller / McKay) and another extra gif for SGU, not many children there, but I just love that montage of women giving birth so much!! I gif'ed the whole thing but I'm not uploading that (it had 11MB!!!!!), so I cropped it down to just the ending.

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So this is my first Big Bang! It's for Scifiland and I dedicated it solely to one character of Farscape I love deeply but I always feel doesn't get the attention he deserves: Pilot.

This is to show that he IS a real character with a great storyline and not just a puppet!!

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