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The challenge was to write a Stargate fic for a song. I used 'It's not over' from Chris Daughtry to showcase Rodney's desperation to change things in SGA's 'The last man'.

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A little filler-fic for the SG-1 episode ‘The Road not taken’. Written for Stargateland’s missing scene challenge. It’s a gen fic, but thanks to dizzy and her fic for the same challenge (where she said that Vala should get off-base more often), there’s the slightest little hint of C/V here.

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So the challenge was to make a Stargate calendar for the year 2012 and I actually thought about shaking up my usual theme but then I decided to stick to my guns and just do what I’m best in. So without further ado I present the Stargate Kids Calendar 2012. And yes, of course I did the whole year, I'm sticking to my trademark meaning quantity over quality ;).

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A shipper's manifesto for my favourite pairing (pretty much the ONLY pairing I ship) in the whole Stargate fandom. Made for challenge #19 of Stargateland.

I whipped up a picspam and a few words about this absolutely adorable couple.

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Okay, the challenge was to make something creative for your favourite things in Stargate - and as everyone who knows me knows, what I love most of all are KIDS. Especially when they interact with McKay :D! So here are 25 gifs of kids in Stargate Atlantis and SG-1 and 1 extra gif for an adult reaction shot (I also love Ronon / Keller / McKay) and another extra gif for SGU, not many children there, but I just love that montage of women giving birth so much!! I gif'ed the whole thing but I'm not uploading that (it had 11MB!!!!!), so I cropped it down to just the ending.

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