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My entries for Land of Art challenges 14 and 15, a few polaroids and a few (mini)wallpapers for my favourite ships. And I FINALLY made something for Farscape again. YAY! :D

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A bunch of wallpapers I made for Farscapeland challenge 1 of Phase 4. The challenge was to make three wallpapers and I kinda did. Sort of. Well, you know me. ;)

I made all of them in size 1366x798 because that's my screen size and a lot of the other Farscapelanders have this screen size too (sorry JS, but I assume that these aren't to your liking anyways ;)).

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A wallpaper I made for the sorting hat challenge on TVRealm. I casted various characters of Sci-fi shows (the usual suspects: Babylon 5, Firefly, Stargate and of course Farscape) as the characters in the song 'This is War' by 30 Seconds to Mars.
I love to fiddle around with photoshop lately and though I'm still at the very beginning I'm kinda proud how this turned out. :)

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So this is my first Big Bang! It's for Scifiland and I dedicated it solely to one character of Farscape I love deeply but I always feel doesn't get the attention he deserves: Pilot.

This is to show that he IS a real character with a great storyline and not just a puppet!!

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