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Okay, I finally did it, I tapped into my evil side and wrote these up. No pictures, because frankly, I was quite happy having the chance to write again after all the graphics challenges I’ve done lately.
So thanks for this opportunity and I have to say, once I started I really quite enjoyed it. I think my evil side might be bigger than I thought. Muahahahahaha!!

Hatred this way )
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I’ve been swamped with work lately, so there are no pics or anything elaborate here, just words, because rambling about things I love is what’s easiest for me to do.

Lots of Love for Chuck )
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First off, I love Farscapeland. It's my first landcomm and it will always be my favourite one. That said I think I'm having challenge burn-out right now. I can't bring myself to even do the easiest challenges. Of course this has a lot to do with being kicked out of Farscapelims (yes, I am that petty).
I hope this won't last long and I will enjoy doing challenges again. Till then, here is my entry for the Braca challenge for Farscapeland. I just did the absolute necessary, hope it's not that bad.

Third Reich Braca/Scorpius AU under here )
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The challenge was to write a Stargate fic for a song. I used 'It's not over' from Chris Daughtry to showcase Rodney's desperation to change things in SGA's 'The last man'.

fic under the cut )
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A little filler-fic for the SG-1 episode ‘The Road not taken’. Written for Stargateland’s missing scene challenge. It’s a gen fic, but thanks to dizzy and her fic for the same challenge (where she said that Vala should get off-base more often), there’s the slightest little hint of C/V here.

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Okay, first off: THANK YOU LAURA for this challenge. I LOVED IT!

Coming up with these moments was really easy, mostly because I refused to think about it and just chose the moments that first popped into my head when I read the challenge. Also I didn't read any of the others yet (just took a peak here and there) as to avoid 'Oh, they're right, that moment is great too' situations and also to keep original in the picspams if anyone chose the same moments as me.

WARNING: This whole thing is LOOOOOOONG. Blame Laura, she said I could talk about Farscape for points – this is what you get :). But don’t worry, I’ll get shorter with my descriptions after season 2. At least a little. Honestly. *evil grin*

2500 words on how much I love these moments – and a LOT of pictures, too )
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My entries for the Farscapeland Ultimate Fan Challenge )

Disclaimer: The PKWards belong to vinegardog, who comes up with the most awesome ideas. I just played with them for a bit.
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It's this time of year again!! YAY!!

So while the days grow shorter and darker and everyone seems to be overly busy with the pre-holiday things, it is the season to be jolly but also the season to be sad for many.

For me, it's always been my favourite time of year in no small amounts due to a tradition I really like: The advent calendar!!

Seriously, having a little treat to look forward to every morning (and after work and before going to sleep - yes I'm an advent-calender-holic) in this 24 days often helped me getting up and getting to work in a far better mood than I would have had otherwise.

So I thought of sharing a little something with you all on each of these 24 days. Don't worry, it'll just be something very little as I really don't have time to make 24 big things right now, but looking forward to sharing something really helps me getting up at the morning (apart from the 3 chocolate advent calendars I already have ;)).

So if you wanna take a look, feel free to do so - most of it will be Farscape, Stargate or Sanctuary related as those are my three major fandoms at the moment...

First door )
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A shipper's manifesto for my favourite pairing (pretty much the ONLY pairing I ship) in the whole Stargate fandom. Made for challenge #19 of Stargateland.

I whipped up a picspam and a few words about this absolutely adorable couple.

Cuteness under here )
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I’m SO glad to finally have finished this!! I’m really not much of a writer so I’m quite proud that I actually wrote over 2600 words for this challenge! And some of it is even very nearly smut! *shocked* I feel like there’s hope for my Big Bang yet!

My prompt for this challenge was, surprise, surprise ;), John and Aeryn kissing (is it just me, or is this becoming a theme LOL). I chose various situations as the three linked things and the kisses in these moments as the 3 that are linked to those - actually, because I'm lazy and can't decide on these things, I let others choose them, so thanks go out to MG, Vdog, Marie and dizzy for helping me decide!
I really hope situations count as 'things'.

Also I love me some structure (without structure I couldn’t write at all), so there’s a pretty strict structure to the drabbles, which is:
First one: John’s POV
Second one: Aeryn’s POV
Third one: changing POV’s, first Aeryn then John

Oh and if you hang on till the end you'll get a little extra treat!

Attempted Hotness here )
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This is my fic for the Farscapeland challenge #14 where we got prompts for either icons or fic. I chose fic because that’s what I’m less comfortable with (it should be a challenge, right?) and also because I wanted to practise a bit for the inevitable big bang.
My prompts were great, especially the second one. I interpreted the first one a little more loosely, but I think it’s still recognizable.

Rating: G
Setting: first and third part in the far far future, middle part throughout TF
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't make money from this, just for fun (and points :))

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